“The one true blessing we have, the one thing we have control of, is our attitude. It’s the only thing you have control of, every single day, every situation. You get to decide what your attitude is going to be” – Jason Schechterle

Thank you for visiting Beyond the Flames.  Please take a few moments to learn more about Jason Schechterle, his compelling life story, and the foundation he founded,  Beyond the Flames, to help others around the country who have experienced a similar trauma and are in need of assistance and hope.

Our mission is to assist people in overcoming life changing adversity through inspirational, motivational and financial assistance.  We are dedicated to helping those who have experienced unimaginable adversity triumph over tragedy.

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Jason has been public speaking for over 10 years sharing his amazing story of the unimaginable adversity he faced after he was nearly fatally burned in a car crash.  Now, he is speaking on behalf of his own non-profit foundation, Beyond the Flames, so that he can raise funds to help others who have experienced a similar trauma.

Jason’s journey chronicles his fight for life, his amazing recovery and the inspiration that enables him to continue to persevere.  His personal narrative exemplifies that the power of the human spirit can never be underestimated or extinguished.  His story is one of life, rebirth and transformation.

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